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Too Young To Kiss – 1951

Sometimes a movie’s premise blurs the line between “Ewww” and “Awww”…this movie somehow manages to walk that line without crossing into a really weird space:

Too Young to Kiss – starring Van Johnson and June Allyson.

This 1951 MGM film probably couldn’t be made today, but in 1951 it worked (I think).  Van Johnson stars as Eric Wainwright, a talent agent who is constantly confronted by wanna-be concert instrumentalists.  One such artist is Cynthia Potter (Allyson), a phenomenal pianist who cannot catch a break.

Hearing that Wainwright is on the lookout for child musicians, Cynthia poses as a 14 year-old and pretends to be her own sister.  Thinking he has found a child prodigy, Wainwright quickly tries to move Cynthia into the spotlight.  Along the way Cynthia’s childish, yet too-adult, behavior perplexes Wainwright and…surprise surprise…the two begin to have feelings for each other.

The movie manages to stay away from the creep-factor, in that we really only see Cynthia’s feelings develop, and Wainwright remains almost parental until Cynthia’s big reveal.

I have to admit, I really love this movie.  In part, I’m sure, to my undying love for Van Johnson.  Something about that tall red-headed man is just so darn appealing.  Infatuation aside, the dialogue between the primary characters is very funny, and the actors make this far-fetched story work.


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